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Hosting a professional and unlimited from EbnSafaa

Shared hosting Ebnsafaa was built and equipped to run powerful website can compete regionally and internationally between different sites so we continuously develop and update systems and add more features to the control panels, which contribute to better management of our clients ' sites and newer, faster and more Stable

Support 24/7.

Take care of your comfort and support around the clock and through various channels to be with you all the time.

Safe and secure

Protect and secure your site files Our main mission so our team is working to monitor and update servers

Stable by 99.9%

The website means losing your visitors so we updated our servers to be stable around the clock

first in Google

Fast hosting means faster release and excellent search engine results

Because we love our clients, we have provided you with gifts and tools on all plans.

No boundaries with us, think then go to creative with tools added to check it

ادوات تسويق على الاستضافة المشتركة والغير محدودة Marketing tools on shared and unlimited hosting

Marketing tools and SEO for ease of operation spread your website

دليلyellowpages على الاستضافة المشتركة والغير محدودة YellowPages Guide on shared and unlimited hosting

If your site is commercial, you can easily add your site to Yellow Pages

كوبون bing على الاستضافة المشتركة والغير محدودة Bing coupon on shared and unlimited hosting

A promotional coupon of $ 100 for each hosting

كوبون google adwords على الاستضافة المشتركة والغير محدودة Google AdWords coupon on shared and unlimited hosting

Google advertising coupon $ 100 on each host

منشئ مواقع على الاستضافة المشتركة والغير محدودة Site Builder on shared and unlimited hosting

More than 400 software and management system built-in control panel

ندعم ووردبريس على الاستضافة المشتركة والغير محدودة We support WordPress on shared and unlimited hosting

We support WordPress where you will find our hosting responsive to WordPress without problems

الحماية من الاختراق على الاستضافة المشتركة والغير محدودة Intrusion protection on shared and unlimited hosting

Security tools to scan your site first and prevent it from hacking

شهادة تأمين SSl على الاستضافة المشتركة والغير محدودة SSl Insurance certificate on shared and unlimited hosting

Ssl certificate to secure your site for free without any setup fees


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Thank you on your attempt to purchase one of our shared/unlimited hosting packages. Here how can you buy any bouquet of hosting packages ♥

1-click on "Buy package now" button

2. You will be redirected to the domain Selection page "If you have a domain that I would like to use" in case you don't have a domain you choose, "I want to reserve a new domain."

3-The duration of the Service (monthly/quarterly/semi-annual/yearly)

4-It will become the payment page and the information write your correct information because the bill will be based on these data and in the end of the data choose the appropriate method of payment for you

5-Get the bill and complete the payment process

6-Enter the ticket system or call us via live support and attach the copy of the transfer in case if the transfer or send the number of the payment and your mail if the payment is electronic

7-within 15 minutes at most the data will be confirmed by the sales officer.

8-Congratulations hosting information and your link to the email and you can get the service through the System control Panel

I agree with you cobone and dont know how to start using it Welcome

1-Refer to the explanation for the purchase of the package and stop the period of choice

2-you'll find the same page you have a promotional code put your code and activate it immediately

3 - Complete the payment process and you can pay the new shared hosting value after the discount

We were in a way from the first moment to secure the payment methods that suits you without any complications and for that all electronic payment methods are made through authenticated and fully secured third parties such as PayPal gateway and therefore there is no concern about your use of your electronic account or payment card because it is not saved in our website This way you can guarantee that we dont have any access to the payment methods or the credit

جربت خدمتنا و لقيت انك مش عايز تكمل :/ متقلقش بنضمنلك استرجاع الاموال خلال 30 يوم من تاريخ الدفع بدون تعقيدات وخلال اقل من 72 ساعه كحد اقصى من استلامنا للطلب

خايف ان الاستضافة متستحملش عدد زوارك ؟! متقلقش برضه لاننا عملنا اختبارات جودة واتأكدنا ان استضافتنا تشيل من الحبايب مليون فى نفس اللحظة !

كمان احنا بنأمن استضافتنا  المشتركة عن طريق اننا ناخد باك اب يومي واسبوعى وشهري و بالتالى الحالة الوحيدة اللى تخلى موقعك يتوقف هى كارثة عالمية غير كدة بنضمنلك ان الإستضافة هتفضل شغاله بنسبة 100% .